Looking after your Relationship at Christmas: 10 tips for Managing the Flashpoints

It’s Christmas, everyone’s been looking forward to it for ages although your mother-in-law is coming to stay (nightmare, she can be very critical), and the kids are totally hyper. […]

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Lowering the divorce temperature: 6 things lawyers should consider

The BBC website says that January is ‘commonly acknowledged’ as the busiest month for starting divorce proceedings. This is not news to lawyers and other professionals working in the relationship field. Shaky partnerships find it difficult to weather the intensity of togetherness at Christmas. […]

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The Divorce Arms Race: Going Nuclear

Getting separated or divorced? Few people like the idea of litigation but perhaps there is a large pot of money involved, or disputed arrangements for children? […]

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Don’t make your children the victims in your divorce: 8 nightmare scenarios from the mediator’s handbook

Why do couples use their most precious possessions as ammunition?
Here’s a question for family lawyers: how many times have you been involved in a final hearing about child contact, the fight for that extra half-hour; the struggle over how the four-year-old should be ‘shared’ on Christmas day? What about couples bartering maintenance for child contact time? CAFCASS officers becoming involved, three year olds interviewed to ascertain what’s in their ‘best interests’? […]

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Separation and Divorce: Doing it with Dignity or Playing Dirty?

How many separations and divorces are driven to the point of madness by despair and the desire for revenge? Working as a mediator in this field, I watch couples fight about everything from how much equity they ‘deserve’ from the matrimonial home, to who will take the fridge, to the bitterly contested 30 minutes of child-contact; it’s sometimes like watching the dying wasps of autumn hitting themselves against the windowpane… […]

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