Mediation offers many benefits over and above going to court and in some cases can be a required path before litigation takes place. Mediation has been shown to be effective in settling disputes in a speedy and confidential manner. A dispute that might have stretched over months can be settled in a day or two of skilled mediation. People can rebuild their relationships or move on with their lives.

The following are some of the prime benefits of going through mediation

1. Mediation is much less costly than going to court. Generally speaking mediators charge per the hour and an average session will take one to two days to complete.

2. Mediation is far quicker than going to court meaning that if you’re self-employed, your time away from work is reduced, again saving you money. Court cases can take months and sometimes years to come to conclusion.

3. Mediation as a process is held in privacy whereas court proceedings can be the subject of media attention.

4. Mediation allows both parties to express their opinions themselves, rather than having to go through their lawyer. This provided a sense of empowerment.

5. Both parties work together to agree a successful outcome. This collaboration may provide benefits further down the line for both parties.

6. A mediator is usually selected by both parties, who can check the mediators background and experience. If going to court, you have no choice in the judge who ultimately will decide the outcome of litigation.