Mediation is an excellent form of dispute resolution and can be used in almost every conflict situation but in what scenarios is the mediation process right to use?

Trying to reach an agreement when there are lots of issues and emotions can be difficult. Using a skilled mediator such as Jacky Lewis puts a dispute into a formal process where each issue can be resolved and emotions controlled.

You may have a solicitor guiding you through your dispute and they will inform you when it is suitable to use a mediator but if you haven’t got a solicitor, then consider the following points to help you make the decision to use Jacky Lewis as your mediator.

When is mediation suitable?

  • Emotions between both parties are so intense that they are preventing a settlement outside of the mediation process
  • The quantity and/or quality of communication between both parties is poor that it requires someone to handle negotiations in a skilled way
  • Unfounded perceptions of either party are hindering exchanges
  • Behaviour that is negative puts up barriers to resolution
  • Arguments over information prevent data from being collected and evaluated
  • Lots of issues distract the decision making process and the order in which these issues should be tackled
  • There is a perception that each parties interests are incompatible
  • There is currently no process for negotiations and things have stalled.