Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings are now compulsory for all people seeking to start family court proceedings about finances on divorce or children matters, unless they are exempt from the requirement.

The government’s aim in introducing MIAMS is to raise awareness of family mediation as a cost-effective and positive way of resolving family issues without involving the courts.

The mediator conducting the MIAMs must hold the appropriate accreditation as set by the Family Mediation Council; this means having attained full accreditation as a ‘Family Mediation Council Accredited’ mediator (FMCA).

The MIAMs meeting will give you the opportunity to talk about your dispute in confidence with the mediator and learn more about how mediation works and how it may be able to assist you in reaching an agreement. You will hear about the benefits of mediation and about other appropriate forms of dispute resolution

Your MIAMs meeting will take about an hour. You can come along on your own although it is possible that the mediator will invite your spouse or partner to attend either with you or separately.

Following the MIAMs meeting the mediator can complete the mediator section of Form A for financial matters or Form C100 for child matters.