Family Law – Court of Protection ‘Best Interests’ Mediation

The ‘M’ family has been in a long dispute with Wessex County Council over care for their son Luke who has special needs. The Official Solicitor, Luke’s litigation friend, suggests ‘expert’ mediation. In a one-day mediation, the parties and their legal teams agree on a care-package and residency for Michael. A better relationship is established between them.

Employment – Workplace grievance

Linda is Wayne’s line manager; the company has been going through a difficult time. Senior management demand the team delivers better results. Linda tells Wayne that his performance results are disappointing. He tells HR he is stressed, feels bullied by Linda and is going to raise a grievance. HR calls in a workplace mediator who helps them establish a more effective working partnership.

Separation and Divorce – Simon and Anne

Simon and Anne have been married for 15 years; Anne wants to divorce because of Simon’s unreasonable behaviour. Simon doesn’t want a divorce; he thinks it will all ’blow over’. They have four mediation sessions which help Simon to understand that the marriage is truly over. They establish a better communication and Simon agrees to put their family home on the market.