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Relationship consultancy / couples’ counselling:

Relationships do not always go smoothly and the pressures of juggling work and a family can put great strain on a couple. If communication has become difficult or fractured the couple may not amicably be able to resolve their issues and or make future plans. Each may have become dissatisfied or disappointed; situations may have become entrenched.

Relationship consultancy can explore the possibility of staying together through learning to use better dialogue, improve behaviours and ‘reframe’ difficult issues. If it appears that separation is the only choice, couples can be supported to achieve a ‘good’ ending and say goodbye to the relationship respectfully, in the ‘safe space’ of couple’s counselling.

The format:

Couples’ counselling offers a confidential space between consultant and couple to explore issues that may be causing anxiety or unhappiness, to gain a fuller understanding of those issues and to support the couple to make better life choices about them.

Meetings usually take place in one or two-hour sessions. The counsellor may ask to see each person separately in a private meeting. Counsellors maintain a strict code of confidentiality and will not reveal to the other what each has said privately.

The advantages of couples’ counselling:

  • Private meetings with a relationship expert
  • Space and time to think about your issues
  • Psychological consultancy, strategy and insight into your relationship
  • Regular meetings if you so choose both together and/or individually
  • Support to decide whether or not to stay together
  • A space to effect a better dialogue between you to facilitate a working relationship
  • Help to explore and develop listening and communication skills
  • Confidentiality
  • Non-judgmental listening

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