Mediation Matters London provide the following range of mediation services. If you have a specific requirement that is not listed below please contact us to discuss it in confidence.

Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMs)

Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMs) are now compulsory for people seeking to start family court proceedings about finances on divorce or children matters.  The government’s aim in introducing MIAMS is to raise awareness of family mediation as a cost-effective and positive way of resolving issues without involving the courts.

The mediator must hold the appropriate FMC accreditation, having attained full accreditation as a ‘Family Mediation Council Accredited’ mediator (FMCA”).

Disputes over child-contact

Separation and divorce brings out strong emotions in couples; trying to make contact arrangements for your children can be a fraught, unhappy process. Research shows that the psychological damage to children experiencing their parents’ contentious divorces can be long-lasting.

Child Inclusive Mediation (CIM)

Meetings between mediators and children and young people are held with parental permission and are carefully prepared in advance in partnership with parents. They are designed to give the child a voice and an opportunity to share their wishes and feelings which will help to open up a conversation with the whole family.

Relationship consultancy

Relationships do not always go smoothly and the pressures of juggling work and a family can put great strain on a couple. If communication has become difficult or fractured the couple may not amicably be able to resolve their issues and or make future plans. Each may have become dissatisfied or disappointed; situations may have become entrenched.

Collaborative divorce family consultants

Divorce using the Collaborative process avoids litigation. Traditional divorce is costly, anachronistic, undignified and does little to resolve issues. It allows divorcing clients scant control over the process and encourages them to be litigants which is a poor basis for building a future relationship as co-parents.

Neighbourhood disputes

Disputes with neighbours provoke anxiety and stress. Living next to people who are uncooperative or obstructive feels uncomfortable and distressing; home is no longer a comfortable place to return to. An experienced mediator can help you to resolve these troublesome issues and many more, to support you both in achieving a calmer relationship.

Mediated pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements

A pre-nuptial agreement is a mutually-created document agreed before marriage or civil-partnership that records how the couple would like their property divided in the event of the breakdown of their relationship. A post-nuptial agreement is an agreement made between the two parties dealing with provision for maintenance, children and division of property in the event of the marriage or civil partnership breaking down.

Workplace disputes

We spend a large part of our waking lives at work. Employees that are experiencing personality clashes may be stressed, depressed and unmotivated. Unmanaged disputes are psychologically and financially costly to the organisation. Mediation is an excellent tool for mediating workplace difficulties and preserving working relationships.

Referrals from solicitors

Mediation Matters London provides an effective, professional and confidential mediation service. Clients regularly recommend Jacky and colleagues as conflict resolution experts.